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IOGT International 68th world congress 2014 Opening

Youth Organisations against Drugs Promotion Strategy

Thailand has always recognized the importance, vulnerability, and potential of youths.  The Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has considered youths as one of the main target populations of narcotics control strategy since the establishment of ONCB in 1977.


 In 2008, ONCB put more effort to empower youth groups as a key partner in drug abuse prevention. As a result, Coordinating Centre of Youths against Drugs Organisations of Thailandor C.Y.D.O.T. has been established as a youth network attached to ONCB. Demand Reduction Bureau of ONCB or DRB is the unit responsible for prevention and treatment measures. DRB gives high priority to the youth because “… Youth is a group at high risk of getting involved with drugs. Therefore, youth organisations need to be strengthened and supported to play a key role in organizing drug abuse prevention activities that are most responsive to the need of youths.” ONCB encourages youths to form various types of group either formal or informal, such as associations or clubs. The purpose is to have youth organisations that are interested in organizing drug abuse prevention in every part of Thailand. ONCB also wants to connect these youth organisations to make a strong and dominant youth network against drug abuse.  Through a firmly established and well connected network, youth groups are encouraged to function collectively, systematically and effectively.  ONCB hopes that youth organisations network are capable of analyzing drug abuse situation, plan sound prevention projects, effectively manage projects, work as a team, as well as monitor and evaluate their projects.

         In 2013, Demand Reduction Bureau assigned the International Organisation of Good Templar – Thailand or IOGTT to collect information of youth groups that work in demand reduction in Thailand as well as to serve as an information centre for publicizing anti drugs activities of youth networks in various regions of Thailand. The tasks of IOGTT in this project are:

1.       Collect and compile personal information of members of youth organisations from all part of Thailand and post it in

2.       Summarize outstanding youth activities as well as photos to be posted in the website.